To beat market growth profitably, your B2B business must think and act differently.


Unrealized  value is the difference between what a business achieves and it’s potential. To unlock the potential of your business, you need to explore different options in order to determine where value may be locked-in and also how best to release it.  Value can be unlocked both externally with your customers or internally with your existing business processes and inefficiencies.


Your starting point is very much determined by your organization's current  'state of affairs' and  business climate/trends. What is the competitive landscape  and how well is the organization positioned to  succeed? Is the business achieving its full potential and if not, where are the potential areas of improvement that can unlock unrealized value?  Assess all options and create an action plan. 



It is impossible to do everything at once, so allocating resources must be well-balanced and properly planned to fully maximize the returns over time. Unlocking the right values at the right time in many cases can lead to positive returns very quickly, which can then be reinvested to fund more initiatives to drive value creation. The investment plan must be realistic and results-driven, driving value creation.



The last few years have been tough for many B2B organizations, especially in (the aftermath of) the global economic turmoil combined with the recent impact of the Covid-19 outbreak. Getting to grips with the complexity of doing business is increasingly important and achieving organic profitable growth has become more and more difficult. The competitive marketplace is changing rapidly as organizations adopt to deliver the value that wiser and more proactive buyers have come to expect.


B2B selling has gone through a significant transition over the past 15 years, primarily driven by better informed buyers and enhanced expectations of top-notch customer experience. However, many organizations are caught with one foot in the more traditional model and the other utilizing a more modern approach based on improved sales and marketing insights combined with enhanced customer experience.


The overhead, inefficiency and opportunity cost associated with being stuck in an outdated sales and marketing model is huge, and it locks unrealized value deep within the organization. At VPROZONE, we aim to unlock as much of this value as possible, working with our clients to identify specific areas of improvement and developing a plan of action to implement these changes successfully.


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