Marc Ramaer
Founder and Principal

Spanning my professional career of over 25 years in healthcare management, I have always been involved in change of some sort or another. As the saying goes: "the only thing constant is change".  It is however the rate of change that has spiked substantially over the last few years that many companies are struggling to keep up with.

Quite a few commercial organizations have found themselves on the back foot and hit major commercial headwinds - including margin and market share erosion, changing B2B buying behaviours and market disruption from technology or new market entrants. The world is changing rapidly and a lot of companies are playing catch-up.

Although there is no magic wand or silver bullet to cure all ills, there are a substantial amount of strategic initiatives that can help address some of these issues head-on and unlock value through systematic diagnosis of the commercial offering and how this is being perceived from the customer's standpoint.  This is exactly where the team at VPRO can help. 

At VPRO - we understand that each business is unique in its ability to perform in the marketplace and that each organization we work with also comes with its own set of challenges, both internal and external, that may be locking in unrealized value.


We take a dedicated 1-on-1 approach with all of our clients to ensure that each and every project we take on is well matched to our competencies and client needs to ensure a positive and sustainable outcome, that is cash generative.

Having worked closely with many of the big-5 consultancies on numerous projects, we have learnt that in many instances bigger is not necessarily better. Yes - there are specific instances in which we will refer clients elsewhere, but in most cases we can offer extremely competitive and personalized services that can run at a fraction of the cost with more successful outcomes.

We are always happy to discuss your specific needs to see if collaborating on a project would make sense. Should you with to contact us, please use the link provided on the home page.

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